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New diagnosis course

Effective Treatment Africa NPO  seeks to support people by transforming any concerns and fears arising from their diagnosis into positive views and actions, as well as learning how to keep healthy and live well. On diagnosis, many people wish to develop an understanding of the condition and to increase their awareness on a range of practical issues. This course has been developed to meet the most common needs of those who are newly diagnosed or still coming to terms with their diagnosis.

It is an opportunity for participants to discuss a variety of topics and concerns with their peers in a structured way. It is not counselling or therapy but more of an interactive way to share our journey. The course is also an opportunity to meet and support other people who are on a similar path.

The course focuses on three key principles:

  • Education – to give participants essential facts, as well as to dispel myths and correct misconceptions;·
  • Empathy – all participants have one thing in common, their positive diagnosis, so everyone is able to empathise with the experiences of others, rather than merely sympathise. Participants often share tips and tricks from their personal experiences
  • Empowerment – rather than letting HIV control your life, we aim to help participants take back control and determine their own future – what we call Positive Living.

There is no strict definition of what we consider to be newly diagnosed. Some of those who take part may have been living with HIV for many years, but only now feel they would benefit from an educational support group. On the other hand, some people take part very soon after being diagnosed. The course covers six broad topics in six sessions over three consecutive Saturdays:

Session 1 – The impact of diagnosis

Session 2 – Disclosure – who, how and if to tell others

Session 3 – Medical aspects, treatment options and medication

Session 4 – Love, sex, relationships and transmission

Session 5 – Keeping your immune system in good shape

Session 6 – Building support networks

It is run by experienced facilitators who will try to make sure that you get what you need from each session. They bring their own personal insights and knowledge to each topic.

The facilitators will be present at every session and are available to answer any questions or enquiries – so please feel free to consult with them. They are also available between sessions and can be contacted by calling the patient representatives mainly Kholeka Jaxa from our contact page.

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