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Live Storytelling Programme

Effective Treatment Africa is unique in the way we use our own personal stories to help fight Stigma.  Story telling is a very powerful way to help reach and teach the community about the real issues preventing people from being treated or facing up to an HIV diagnosis.  It’s a very emotional program and often leaves our audiences inspired though slightly emotional.

live storytelling


At ETA our team has contracted HIV, but we are not similar in how we became infected. We have all experienced & overcome Stigma in different ways and by sharing our personal stories we are able to educate in a more powerful medium. It’s very personal and evokes strong interaction with our audience. The storytelling team come from different backgrounds so collectively we relate very well with this program.   We use our own cinema equipment for the program and have interactive slideshows not only while our stories are being told but for educational purposes and group discussion afterwards. We have 5 Stories to share with our audience of HIV survivors.  Our story telling program is successful in teaching schools, clinics & other HIV organisations. To find out more about this please contact any of our directors on our contact page.


“35 million people are living with HIV. And I asked myself, what do we have in common? Then it hit me.  It’s a secret. Every single one of us, those who have passed and those of us surviving started our journey with a secret. You walk out of that clinic with a terrible, frightening secret. Then you need courage. Once you speak your truth, the shame you feel dissipates and you can become resilient.”  Niles Hemming positive for 19 Years

Nadia shares her story

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