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What YOU can do to get involved and become advocates for those living with HIV.

Most people that want to become advocates to fight discrimination are those living with HIV and experiencing Stigma. The thing we want to highlight is the amount of members that want to stand up against Stigma but are too afraid to let their community know. This is one of the biggest problems However,  there is good news. Firstly to be an activist you need to enrich your passion about facing HIV stigma and speak out about your status.

facing stigma

End HIV stigma by getting involved.

  1. Know your status. The only way to do this is through HIV testing.
  2. Get informed. Being positive is not your fault or anyone else so don’t blame yourself or others.
  3. Research local organisations or groups and talk to the leaders and ask to be involved.
  4. Do something! It doesn’t have to be a huge leap to make a difference. Even something really small like making snacks for a support group. May seem small but you will be surprised how the smallest things can make such a difference to others.
  5. Knock on doors. If you know someone living with HIV and needing support go give them a hug and tell them your there for them.
  6. Post on community pages, get discussions going,  & remember your opinion matters and can be a great help to others.
  7. Ask questions. Letting others know that you are a supporter and activist. They will ask questions and you can spread the word through you willingness to talk.
  8. Never judge. We are all in different places with HIV. There are many things you will disagree with, its a fact, We promise you. But don’t judge just listen and try to offer a different approach to that person.
  9. Inspire others just by being your authentic self. If people don’t like what you do that’s their business not yours. Don’t let them put you down or silence you.
  10. Be consistent, Activism is a life choice. You are helping people to choose a better life be proud of what you do.

Shaping the future for all people living with HIV in Africa

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